How to Optimize Your EV Charging Time
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How to Optimize Your EV Charging Time

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Are you the proud owner of an EV, or considering purchasing one for the first time? In either case, any driver who owns a battery-powered vehicle should know how to make the most of their EV’s charging time. There are many great ways to achieve just that, and with the help of a few simple tips, you can make a big difference in terms of your battery charging optimization. Plus, many of these tips will also help you protect your battery’s overall health, to keep it working its best for years to come. Read on to learn more about the best ways to optimize your EV’s charging time!

Start With a Low SoC

If you’re interested in optimizing the charging time on your EV, then you want to try to begin your charge with a low SoC. The SoC is the car’s state of charge, which simply means the level of charge your car has when it starts charging. The lower the SoC, the faster your car will charge when you plug it in! There are a few reasons for this, but one of them is that EV batteries charge their fastest between 20 and 80%. Therefore, if your SoC starts at around 20%, you’ll be able to take advantage of more of that faster charging time. Plus, you’ll be keeping your battery within its most optimized range, which helps reduce strain on the battery as you charge throughout the day.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

One unexpected way to optimize your vehicle’s charging time is to avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures! EV batteries have many systems in place, known as BMS, or battery management system. One aspect of this system is battery temperature control, which keeps the battery at a correct temperature in order to help it work properly. If you’re charging in extremely cold temperatures, then your battery will need to use some energy in order to heat itself to a proper temperature. Similarly, it will need to waste energy on cooling in extreme temperatures, which detracts from the overall charging speed. For best results, charge in mild temperatures whenever possible.

Turn Off Excess Features

If you’re looking to charge your vehicle in a hurry, you want to make sure that you’re conserving as much energy as possible! One great way to do this is to make sure that 100% of your charge is going to the battery itself. If you’re using a public charging station, it can be tempting to sit in your car and wait, using features like the speakers, air conditioning, or interior lighting all the while. If you can help it, your car will charge faster if you turn off all of those extraneous features and allow your car to focus solely on charging.

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