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Ford Loans and Leasing Grand Junction CO

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When you’re starting to look for your next vehicle, you might be considering all of the different options that you can utilize to make sure that you get your ideal Ford. At Columbine Ford we want to help you understand the different options that are available for you to check out. While you can just pay for a vehicle in cash, most people opt to either finance and take out a loan, or to lease! Both options are really great, and come with their own set of perks that might sway you in one direction or the other. We are merely here to help you figure out which one might be better for your specific needs. Everyone is different, and everyone has a unique financial situation that can’t be fixed by telling them to do it the same way as everyone else. Keep reading to learn more about Ford loans and leasing at Columbine Ford.

Getting a Loan

The process of getting a car loan can be something that seems too exhausting and confusing to ever want to do. We are here to assure you that this process can be simple, just so long as you understand the different steps that you should be looking to take advantage of. The first thing to note is that you need to be checking your credit report, as your credit score and your income help to determine the amount that you qualify to borrow. After you understand these numbers, you can start to shop around for auto loans by applying to various places. You might want to go through your own bank, or you could even consider our financing center at Columbine Ford. Different terms and offers will be placed in front of you to consider, and the amount of the loan will vary depending on how much you put down. Another benefit is if you get pre-approved for a loan! After that, it’s all about finding the car, and finalizing the loan.

Leasing a Vehicle

Are you someone who always likes to have the latest and greatest? Do you enjoy low monthly payments? Leasing might be the trick to finding you the Ford you desire. At Columbine Ford, we have a great inventory of new Ford models that you can lease. Some of the major benefits include a small down payment, a vehicle that is brand new, lower monthly payments, the warranty still in place, and all of the technology you could be searching for. All you have to do is find the vehicle, and we’ll make sure you get all of the lease details through our financing center. There’s a lot to love by choosing to lease a Ford!

Getting a Ford Vehicle at Columbine Ford

We know there are a lot of ways to bring home a Ford, and we know that everyone has different circumstances that they are dealing with to get a Ford. That’s why, at Columbine Ford, we offer multiple different options to make sure that your next vehicle is giving you everything you could possibly desire. Stop by Columbine Ford today, find your Ford, and we’ll work out the rest with you by using our finance center.