Ford End of Lease Guide Colorado
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Ford End of Lease Guide Colorado

Lease a Ford Vehicle in Rifle

For everyone who is located in or near the Rifle, CO area, we hope that you will consider shopping with us here at Columbine Ford. Not only do we have the best inventory of Ford models around, but there are multiple different ways that you can get one of these vehicles into your life. One of the most popular options is leasing! This enables you to stay on the cutting edge, always keeping up with the latest trends, and keeping around a Ford SUV/truck/sedan that has the latest technology and performance. The next question inevitably ends up being, what happens when the lease is almost up? Right now, we want to share with you a guide to what you should be doing when your Ford’s lease is almost up. If you have more questions, feel free to use the form that we are providing below.

120 Days Out

Once you hit about 120 days out from the end of your lease, now is the perfect time for you to seriously consider the options that you have to choose from. The first option here is to get a completely new Ford model when your lease is up. Whether that means buying or leasing, that’s up to you! You just have to know that you are responsible for any additional excess wear on your leased model, along with all of the mileage that goes beyond the contract. Another option to consider is purchasing the current Ford model that you have been driving around in. We know that you have most likely gotten attached, which is why now might be a good time to go all in, and work with our finance team to just keep your Ford around forever instead of turning it in! The final option is to simply return your leased Ford, and then move on! Every choice is right for someone, and you still have time to figure it out.

90 Days Out

Once you hit the 90-day mark, you really need to focus on preparing your vehicle for the return if you don’t end up purchasing it. Step 1 of this process is to assess the wear and use that you have put it through, which includes things like the mileage you have put it through, and if there are any issues that need to be addressed at some point. You’ll also have to go through a lease-end inspection, which is a complimentary pre-inspection that can be done within sixty days of the lease-end date. Finally, if repairs do need to be done, they need to be completed before you return your vehicle. Allow our service team to help you out there!

60 Days Out

You’re two months away from the lease-end agreement! It’s at this point where you really have to decide what you want to do next. If you want to get a new Ford, now would be an excellent time to stop by our dealership and see what options we have available to you. This is a great opportunity to take them out for test drives to figure out what suits you. However, if you simply want to return your ride, make sure you complete the checklist necessary to meet all of the requirements. We’ll be here to answer further questions.

Lease or Buy a Ford Model at Columbine Ford

No matter the decision you make in the end, Columbine Ford will be here to help you. Nothing is more important to us than our customers. That’s why our entire team will be waiting to either help service your ride, figure out the next steps with financing, or guide you in finding your next ride. We hope that you will enjoy every part of this experience at Columbine Ford, and feel free to give us a call in the future.

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