Buying vs Leasing a Ford
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Buying vs Leasing a Ford

Get a Ford Lease at Columbine Ford

Now that you have made the incredibly exciting decision to drive home a new Ford model from Columbine Ford, you need to decide how you will be financing your new vehicle. There are two options to choose from, leasing or buying. Both of these options are great choices for a wide range of reasons and work for different people and their lifestyles. If you choose to lease, you typically will pay lower monthly payments and get to drive around town in a new vehicle every few years. Going with the buying route will allow you to be the sole owner of the vehicle which is great for customizations and more. We are further breaking down the differences between these two financing options below, so keep reading!

Should I lease a Ford?

We briefly touched on the benefits of leasing above, lower monthly payments and the ability to drive a new vehicle roughly every 2-4 years. Digging deeper, when you lease the monthly payments are typically lower because you are only paying for the Ford model’s depreciation during your lease term rather than the Ford’s entire value. Another great benefit of leasing is the warranty coverage! Generally, your Ford vehicle will be covered under warranty the entire time you are driving it around during your lease term. This means you wouldn’t have to cover more than routine maintenance like tire rotations and oil changes. Lastly, is the ability to drive a new vehicle every 2-4 years, depending on your lease term. You will always be driving the freshest model on the block, loaded with all the latest technology and safety equipment.

Should I buy my next car?

We also touched upon the benefits of buying a Ford vehicle above like you are the sole owner of the vehicle and you have all the freedom you could ever want to customize your Ford model to best suit all your wants and needs. There are even more benefits though! When you are making monthly payments on your Ford vehicle, they go to owning the vehicle outright. This means when you pay off the loan, that vehicle is yours and yours only and you can choose your next move. For example, you could trade in your vehicle for a newer Ford model or sell it. You can also continue to drive around the model that you paid your hard-earned money for! Not having to make a monthly payment can be a refreshing experience. Another great benefit is no mileage restrictions! You can drive from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast and never have to worry about going over the mile limit set out by your lease term.

Financing with Columbine Ford

After learning more about the differences between leasing and buying, which one appeals to you and your lifestyle more? It doesn’t matter which financing option you choose, our financing department and its staff, will help you get the best deal. Plus, we make it easy to start the financing process without even stepping into the dealership! You can fill out our secure finance application on our website and once you submit it, our team will reach out to you with next steps. Want to see what kind of new Ford models we have in stock? Peruse our new inventory page to see every Ford model we currently have in stock! We’re here to help you drive home in your dream vehicle, so give us a call or stop by today.