Benefits of Ford Leasing
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Benefits of Ford Leasing

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When it comes time to get your next Ford, you might be looking at all of the options that are out there to get a vehicle. This includes buying used, buying new, or, you can lease. Leasing might not be something you’re as knowledgeable about, which is why today we are going to be going over all of the benefits of leasing a Ford. There are many great reasons why you should consider leasing, and they all come back to one simple thing: you want to own a Ford, and do it by getting the best deal around. At Columbine Ford, we make sure that we offer all of the options and deals that you need to make sure you are getting the Ford you want! Keep reading down below to learn more about leasing, and why we recommend doing it with your next Ford.

What are the benefits of leasing a Ford?

Less money down: When it comes to putting money down upfront, there are many ways that leasing can be changed so you don’t actually have to put any money down. When buying a vehicle, you are usually told to put down 20% to get the right rate. By saving money upfront, you can work around your budget better, and even potentially save, depending on what rate you end up with.
Get the latest Ford: It can be exhausting to have to settle for older vehicles that might not have the latest in technology. When you lease, you are always getting a vehicle that features all of the modern tech that you have come to expect. With that, you can continue to own the vehicle every 2-3 years, depending on the leasing contract. That means you will never be far behind, which can be especially important in terms of safety.
Low maintenance: Leasing a vehicle means that it is usually covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty. That means, that should any major repairs come around, they should almost always be covered by the warranty. You might even get free maintenance for a few years, which means you don’t have to worry about the small problems that come around when you actually own a vehicle outright.
Lower monthly payments: While you can put less money down, you can also end up paying monthly payments that are around 30% – 60% lower than when you buy a vehicle. This means you are getting a newer vehicle for less money! That’s a hard deal to pass up, and with how quickly Ford is innovating, that’s an easy way to stay on top of the latest technology without paying more than your budget allows.

Columbine Ford Leasing

Are you ready to take a look at our new Ford inventory to see what you might be interested in leasing? Check out our inventory today, and allow us to make your dreams come true! We want to ensure that you get the right deal, the right vehicle, and the right experience.