Benefits of Building your own Ford
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Benefits of Building your own Ford

Build a Ford near me

Are you looking for a Ford that matches all of your wants and needs with ease? We know that there are a lot of options to consider, especially if you just check out the full inventory of Ford models at Columbine Ford. However, beyond just having all of the ready-to-drive models available, we also have an ace up our sleeves. That would be the option for you to configure and custom create your very own Ford. We know that it could sound a little intimidating at first, but we want to walk you through the building process to make sure that you don’t skip a step, and that we here at Columbine Ford can provide you with the necessary tools to make this whole experience a success. Are you ready to learn more about building your own Ford? Then it’s time to continue reading down below as we do everything in our power to give you the tools for success.


The very first step in this process is to figure out the exact vehicle that you want to customize and build-out. This could be a car, minivan, SUV, truck, or any of the hybrid vehicles that are available. The point here is to find something that best suits your immediate needs in terms of style and space. So, whether you want to build your own Mustang, or you need something more family-oriented like the Explorer, you want to make sure that the vehicle you are getting has the body style that you need in your life.


Coming after the model is the benefit of being able to choose the exact trim that meets your needs. You need something that can keep up with the modern age, and that could mean being focused heavily on safety and driver assistance, or perhaps just making sure that your infotainment system is the latest and greatest. You’ll even be able to figure out the exact kind of sound system that you want to listen to your favorite music through, or perhaps just focus on things like heated and ventilated seating, to make all of your driving experiences comfortable. Either way, customizing the trim is easy!


You’ve chosen the trim, and now another huge benefit is the ability to immediately figure out the powertrain that will be in charge of your Ford. Through this you will also be picking out the exact drivetrain, like either rear- or four-wheel drive, depending on the Ford that you are looking to build. This could be important if you are someone who wants to enjoy the trails every once in a while, or if you are looking for additional traction.


The last step, after you’ve picked the trim and powertrain, is for you to really put your stamp on this vehicle. When you build a Ford, the largest benefit is the simple fact that you can get the vehicle to match your personality. No matter the exterior and interior colors that you choose, and the additional packages you tack on, this is where you can truly influence the overall styling, and make sure that your Ford matches you!

Build a Ford at Columbine Ford

Once you’ve decided that it might be high time for you to build your own Ford, we hope that you choose Columbine Ford. Whether you want to do this process online, or in person, we’ll make sure that you have the assistance to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Once the order is in, you’ll be given consistent updates as to when the Ford will be delivered! Your dream car is right around the corner!