2022 Ford E-Transit Launches
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2022 Ford E-Transit Launches

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The all-new E-Transit is an electrified version of Ford Transit, America’s best-selling commercial van1. With the zero-emission E-Transit, Ford is helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals and lower costs of ownership while providing a familiar vehicle layout, driver experience, connectivity, and dealer support. As a result, demand for all-electric vans is growing. As America’s best-selling commercial van brand for 42 years, Ford intends to maintain this strong market share into a new era of electrification.

What configuration will the 2022 Ford E-Transit be offered in?

Versatility makes E-Transit a likely choice for commercial customers. There are eight different configurations, a cargo van with three roof heights and three lengths, plus chassis cab and cutaway models, lending itself to a wide array of applications. This means it adds eight all-electric configurations to the already best-in-class total offered by the current gas model. As a result, customers will have an all-electric solution for everything from box truck delivery to parking structure-friendly utility service vans and everything in between.

How many miles can the 2022 E-Transit go on one charge?

The E-Transit is a smart workhorse with zero-emission designed with insight from 30 million miles of customer telematics data showing that the average commercial van drives 74 miles per day. With a battery holding power of 67 kilowatt-hours, the low-roof E-Transit cargo van offers a driving range of 126 miles. Every E-Transit comes with a Ford Mobile Charger are capable of charging the E-Transit 10 miles per charging hour when plugged into a typical household outlet. The E-Transit will charge from 0 to 100% in about 11 hours. For those who need to charge their vans faster, there is the Level 2 charging system. With this charging system, you will gain 15 miles per charging hour. It is also WiFi enables remote access control capabilities. Plus, you will be backed by the largest public charging network in America, with access to over 16,000 public charging stations.

Turn your Ford E-Transit into a generator!

The Ford E-Transit offers many options to make your business day easier. The Pro Power Onboard is one of our favorites. This outstanding feature turns your E-Transit into a mobile generator with up to 2.4 kilowatts of available power to help customers use and recharge job site tools ranging from belt sanders to miter saws.

How much will the E-Transit save my business?

Ford created the E-Transit to help build your business. One of the best ways to help business owners is by helping them to reduce operating costs. With an electric vehicle, you will not only save one fuel you will have on oil changes as well, as neither of these will be required. In addition, business owners can expect to save on recommended service scheduled maintenance costs over the first eight years or 100,000 miles by 40% over its gas-powered counterpart.

What are the dimensions of the E-transit?

E-Transit provides the same cargo dimensions and mounting points as the gas-powered van so businesses can continue to use all the same upfits, racks, bins, and other accessories they have purchased in the past. While at the same time offering improvements in uptime and productivity provided by the fully electric powertrain, new software solutions, and Pro Power Onboard options.

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If you would like to learn more about the first-ever electric Transit or take the next steps to purchase one, then head over to the dealer you can trust, head to Columbine Ford. We are a five-time DealerRater Colorado Dealer of the Year award-winner and recipient of the 2019 Ford President’s Award. Columbine Ford puts in the hard work and customer commitment to earn such honors. So see for yourself when you visit the dealership!

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