Tire service tips Rifle CO

Tire service tips Rifle CO

Tire service tips Rifle CO

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The service department at Columbine Ford would like to offer a few tips to help you save money, extend your tires’ life, improve your car’s ride, and have a safer drive. Our Ford certified service technicians are always here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your vehicle. Columbine Ford proudly serves the greater Rifle CO area with complete tire care for your Jeep. Keep reading to get more details.

When should I check my tire Air Pressure?

The simplest way to extend your tire’s life is with the correct air pressure. Your tire pressure should check at least once a month. Tires can lose about a pound per square inch of pressure every month. Proper tire pressure is essential for safety as well as fuel efficiency. Improper air pressure in your tires means you will get fewer miles to the gallon. Your gas mileage can increase or decrease by up to 3.3%, depending on your tire pressure. So save yourself some green, check your tire pressure.

How often should I rotate my tires?

Proper tire rotating helps them to wear evenly. You should rotate most tires every 5,000 miles; most cars only have one or two wheels spinning and a time, causing uneven tire wear in most cars. The technicians at Columbine Ford will rotate your tires by moving them to different positions on the vehicle. This position change allows the tires on the drive wheels a rest and evens outwear.

What does it mean to have your wheels balanced?

Wheels and tires naturally have a heavy and uneven spot on them. The manufacturing process is not perfect, so even brand new tires will have these spots. These heavy spots can be as small as a quarter to one-half ounce, but these inconsistencies can cause serious problems. Vibration and uneven tire wear are some examples. The technicians at Columbine Ford can balance each wheel using small weights and a specially designed machine to balance your tires. It’s a fast, easy process that costs a lot less than a new tire!

How often should you check your vehicle alignment?

 Vehicle alignment is vital. When your car is out of alignment, it makes your tires toed-in or toed-out, causing the ever-dreaded uneven tire wear. If your vehicle pulls to the right or left or feels a steering wheel vibration, your car may have an alignment problem. Small things can put your vehicle out of alignment. Bumping up against a parking lot barrier, hitting a pothole are just a few examples. The tiniest misalignment can lower fuel efficiency and increase tread wear. It would be best if you had your vehicle realigned every six months.

Don’t overload your vehicle.

Every vehicle has a load limit, and this is the total amount of weight that the car is rated to carry. You can find your cars on the placard on your door frame. Overloading your vehicle can put too much weight on the tires, causing them to fail.

The Ford-certified technicians at Columbine Ford are here to help you!

The certified technicians at Columbine Ford are trained to help you get the most out of your tires. Our Ford Service Center offers flexible hours for Aspen drivers as we know that you’re busy, and the last thing we want is to bring your vehicle in for service to be a stressor. So if you’re in the Rifle CO area, stop in today and have one of our technicians check out your tire’s life.