Ford Co-Pilot360

March 4th, 2019 by

Ford Co-Pilot360

Safety first, right folks? With all this new technology available on new vehicles what are the best safety features you can have on your new Ford with the Ford Co-Pilot360.

Forward Collision Warning- Forward collision warning also known as collision avoidance system is a safety system designed to prevent or reduce the severity of a collision. It uses radar and sometimes laser and camera image recognition to detect an imminent crash.  Once an impending collision is detected, these systems provide a warning to the driver.

Automatic Braking- Automatic braking technologies combine sensors and brake controls to help prevent high-speed collisions. Some automatic braking systems can prevent crashes altogether, but most are designed to reduce the speed of a vehicle before it hits something. Some of these systems provide braking assistance to the driver, and others are capable of activating the brakes with no input from the driver.

Lane Departure Warning- The lane departure warning system is designed to warn the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane. This system is designed to minimize accidents by addressing the leading cause of collisions: driver error, distractions, and drowsiness.  The system will warn the driver if the vehicle is leaving its lane.

Lane Keeping Assist-  This feature works in addition to the lane departure warning system. Lane keeping assist automatically takes steps to ensure that your vehicle stays in its lane. This feature works to keep you in your lane by gently steering you back into your lane.

Blind Spot Warning- BLIS is a vehicle-based sensor device that detects other vehicles located to the driver’s side and rear. Warning s can be visual, audible, or tactile. BLIS can help identify cars in your blind spot when changing lanes.

Rear Cross Traffic- Rear cross traffic alert can detect cars that be crossing as you back up. Sensors around the rear of the vehicle detect approaching vehicles from the left and right. The vehicle will usually emit a warning tone telling you to stop.

Rear View Camera- The rear view camera allows drivers to see what is behind them while reversing.

These safety features are available on the 2019 Ford Edge, 2019 Ford F-150, 2019 Ford Fusion, and 2019 Mustang. Most of these safety features are available on the Ford Flex, Ford Focus, Ford F-250, Ford Taurus, and Ford Escape.

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