Best Vehicle For Your Pet

July 27th, 2019 by

dog in car

Many of us consider our pets family- when we travel we bring them with us. As most dog lovers know your four-legged best friend is always ready to go on the next adventure. How many of you have considered upgrading your ride so that every member of the family is comfortable? When you are looking for your next vehicle there are a few items one should look for when concerned about your pet’s comfort: Tinted glass- the tinted glass helps to keep your dog cool by minimizing the sun’s rays. A flat cargo floor- this is important for both easy entry and when needing to carry a dog crate. Cargo area tie downs- the tie-downs make it easy to secure dog crates, beds and in-car accessories like a fan or water bowl. Rear seat vents- these are a must in keeping your pet comfortable. With this list in mind, Columbine Ford has created a list of our best cars for dog owners in Colorado.

  1. The Ford Explorer– The Explorer is at the top of our list as it is a fantastic mid-size SUV with high clearance for the adventurous family. The Explorer offers a generous interior for your passengers and pets. The Explorer can accommodate up to 7 passengers and two large dogs. There are 21 cubic feet in the cargo area when the third-row seating is up and 43.9 when it is down. If you have all rows down there are a generous 81.7 cubic feet available.
  2. The Ford Flex– The Flex has a huge cargo compartment, it’s rear seat fold-flat and the rear hatch opens wide. It is close to the ground so that your older dog won’t struggle while loading up.
  3. The Ford Transit Connect– While the full-size Transit offers loads of space, the smaller Connect is the way to go if you are looking for something nimble and capable of hauling your Great Dane.

Since these vans can be optioned to transport everything from baby seats to custom organized shop tools, the number of latches, hooks, and places for a protective partition will win big points with dog lovers. We’re particularly fond of how easy it is for dogs to get in and out of this vehicle thanks to its lower ride height, and how fleet versions can be quickly cleaned due to its lack of carpet and upholstery.